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Al-Multazam (Area Inbetween Black Stone and the KA’BAH Door)

It is one of the important place around the Scared House Ka’bah where supplication is answered. Its Boundary area is in between Al-Hajar Al-Aswad (the Black stone) and door of Ka’bah and its width is roughly two meters.

It has been called Al-Multazam because when the messenger of Allah ( Peace be opon him ) accomplished the circumambulation of the Ka’bah he stuck to the place with his chest, cheeks and two hands’ [ Ibn Maajah Hadith no. 2962, vol.2, pp.987]. According to this Hadies, pilgrims are competing each other to abide the Sunnah practice to abide by for a while adhering ones chest, cheeks and two hands to it.